The goal of this blog is to educate our community of users in order to help them achieve more with OL Connect applications. It is the Editorial Team’s job to pick the subject matter that will spark our readers’ interest. But are we doing a good job of it? Today, we ask you to speak up!

The Blog team

The articles you read on this blog may be signed by a relatively small group of authors, but these authors represent only a fraction of the team that comes together behind the scenes in order to make the blog a reality. Every month, people from Support, Marketing, Product Management, IT and Documentation convene for an editorial meeting during which we decide when and what to publish, look at readership stats, determine changes to implement in the platform and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Every decision we make is based on our perception of what our readers want. Before picking the topics we feel will have the most impact, we use various sources of information: user forums, support calls, conversations with customers and partners, email threads and so on. These sources are useful in what they tell us : some software features may be hard to understand while others may display unexpected behavior; users may ask for advice on how best to implement such and such solution; feature requests are made to the product development team, etc.

But what these sources lack is what they don’t tell us : is a particular feature used (or useful) ? What is that one killer functionality that should be changed or implemented ?  How come this bug (*cringe*) hasn’t been fixed yet ? Why is this doing that ?

And that’s why today, we’re asking for your participation in helping us decide on the content of the Blog.

How to contribute

That’s easy: use the comment section at the bottom of this post and let us know what you’d like us to write about. You can be as succinct  or as detailed as you want. If someone else already made a proposal that’s also of interest to you, just add a “+1” to it to let us know more readers are interested in that topic. And if you even want to go as far as contributing a full article yourself, let us know!

Remember, however, that this is a technical blog and as such, it is meant to deal with technical matters pertaining to OL Connect. So please don’t ask questions about your account, your licenses, pricing, Texas-style Chili recipes, how to groom a Persian cat or any other question whose answer is obviously 42.

If you have no suggestion to make, don’t feel bad, we’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing until now. The fortunate thing about the blog’s Editorial team is that we’re never short on ideas!

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  • John Price

    As PlanetPress Classic fades into the sunset I feel some hints and tips helping those migrate to Connect would be helpful.

    How would we mimic the behavior of the features we have taken for granted in Classic?

    A typical example would be styles in Classic are simple and elegant. How about what's the best way to replace Arial font with something else as the default?

    How to run classic templates in Connect workflow, this would maybe reassure people that you can continue as before and manage the conversion of templates over time? What you can do and can't do.

    Finally metadata? More "beginner" level information on metadata, how it's used, how its created, how it's modified and the dangers and limitations of metadata. I read some levels of metadata are not supported in Connect?

    That's a starter for 10.

    • Philippe Fontan

      That's a tall order, but I like the idea. We could start with the basic stuff and see where that leads us.

    • Darren Keenan


  • Marc Fontyn

    Translated version of comment:


    We gave a demo for the AdHoc Mail solution, and we realized that for certain projects the integration of WordPress would be a bonus. I think it would be interesting to get information about the basic interactions between WordPress and OL Connect: how to link them together, when should WordPress be used, what should we add to WorkfFlow processes to make it work, etc.

    Thanks for taking this into consideration, and for this blog.

    Original version of comment:

    Nous avons fait une démo pour un prospect de la solution adhoc Mail, mais nous constatons également que pour certains projets l'ajout de Wordpress serait un plus. Je pense qu'il serait intéressant de nous donner les bases d'interaction entre Wordpress et connect, comment les connecter, dans quel cas serait-il judicieux de mettre Wordpress en plus dans un projet, que devons-nous ajouter dans le workflow pour les faire fonctionner ensemble, ...

    Merci d'avance pour votre retour et merci pour ce blog.

    • Philippe Fontan

      Yes, that's definitely something we could elaborate on. I will leave it to my friend Erik to handle this one, he's our resident expert on that topic!